Saturday, August 4, 2012

How Does Shawn Byrd Want to Make the Money?

After deliberation, it has been decided that the only way to make money is to do exactly what the "gurus" tell you to do. Right? [insert my sarcasm here] Well, Shawn Byrd doesn't think so. Out of the seemingly infinite ways to earn a dollar (or pound, yen, ruble, etc.), the only way that works is one that allows you to sleep at night.

Let me explain. If you were to work all day at a job/career/paying hobby that allowed you to get the bills paid, but only when doing so meant the remainder of your days was to be obedient to others and failure to do so would cause your financial, and by extension personal, world to crumble, would you want to do it? No. When we must tweak everything in life to the breaking point such that the smallest of deviation would cause a ripple effect that would create an unrecoverable mess, then why do it?

There are far too many things that make money, specifically WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, that there is no need to go to all the trouble to merely survive in this world. One should live and get at least some worthwhile enjoyment for all the effort that goes into paying the bills. End commentary :)

Pretend you are on the beach, porch, or wherever may be a favorite lounging area, and let your mind clear from the day:

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